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A GeRisk Parabeniza todos os Aniversariantes desta Terça-Feira, 02 de Julho, em Especial a jogadora de futebol brasileira MARTA, o nadador americano MICHAEL PHELPS e o STENIO, colega do CEP 85 da PETROBRAS. LEMBRAMOS também de QUATRO EVENTOS nesta Data. Clique no link, leia e SAIBA MAIS . . .

Today, Tomorrow, Together. Queremos e Podemos Ajudar.

ANIVERSÁRIO é ponto significativo em nossa TRAJETÓRIA, marcando as memórias que acumulamos ao longo da VIDA. Pode simbolizar também o INÍCIO de um NOVO CICLO.

Desejamos que esta NOVA FASE lhe seja plena de CONQUISTAS, ALEGRIAS e Momentos MEMORÁVEIS.

Today, Tomorrow, Together. We Want and Can Help.

BIRTHDAY is a significant point in our JOURNEY, marking the memories we accumulate throughout LIFE. It can also symbolize the BEGINNING of a NEW CYCLE. We wish that this NEW PHASE be full of ACHIEVEMENTS, JOYS, and MEMORABLE Moments.

Birthday Celebrants of the Day:

  • Marta (1986)brazilian soccer player, one of the best in the world.

  • Michael Phelps (1985) – american swimmer, the most decorated Olympian of all time.

  • STENIO (CEP 1985) – PETROBRAS colleague

Hospital Day: the objective is to recognize the importance of this institution for both public and private healthcare, as well as to honor all professionals working in hospitals, from doctors and nurses to administrators and support staff. Hospitals are fundamental for emergency care, treatments, and also serve as centers for medical teaching and research. The date was chosen to commemorate the inauguration of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santos in São Paulo on July 2, 1945.

Brazilian Firefighter Day: they work in fire prevention and combat, saving lives in emergency situations, pre-hospital care, and various other risk situations. The date is a form of recognition. The choice of the date goes back to 1856 when the first fire department was created in Brazil.

Independence Day of Bahia: a historical milestone for the consolidation of Brazil’s independence. The date celebrates the victory of Brazilian forces over Portuguese troops in Bahia in 1823, one year after our country’s independence.

World UFO Day: aimed at raising awareness about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The date is associated with the Roswell incident in New Mexico in 1947.