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A GeRisk Parabeniza todos os Aniversariantes desta Segunda-Feira, 01 de Julho, em Especial ao artista FABIO PORCHAT. LEMBRAMOS também de QUATRO EVENTOS nesta Data. Clique no link, leia e SAIBA MAIS . . .

Today, Tomorrow, Together. Queremos e Podemos Ajudar.

ANIVERSÁRIO é ponto significativo em nossa TRAJETÓRIA, marcando as memórias que acumulamos ao longo da VIDA. Pode simbolizar também o INÍCIO de um NOVO CICLO.

Desejamos que esta NOVA FASE lhe seja plena de CONQUISTAS, ALEGRIAS e Momentos MEMORÁVEIS.

Today, Tomorrow, Together. We Want and Can Help.

BIRTHDAY is a significant point in our JOURNEY, marking the memories we accumulate throughout LIFE. It can also symbolize the BEGINNING of a NEW CYCLE. We wish that this NEW PHASE be full of ACHIEVEMENTS, JOYS, and MEMORABLE Moments.

Birthday of the Day: Fábio Porchat – comedian, host, and actor, known for his work in “Porta dos Fundos” and TV shows (07-01-1983)

BCG Vaccine Day: The date marks the introduction of the BCG vaccine (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) in Brazil, used for the prevention of tuberculosis. The vaccine was developed by Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin in 1921. In our country, it began to be used in 1927 and has been routinely administered to newborns since 1967.

World Lifeguard Day: “World Lifeguard Day” was established by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) to recognize and value the work of lifeguards around the world. The date coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the ILS.

Canada Day: “Canada Day” marks the enactment of the Constitutional Act of 1867, known as the “British North America Act, 1867.” This Act united three British colonies – the Province of Canada (which was divided into Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia – into a single entity called the Dominion of Canada. The date of July 1, 1867, is considered the birth of the Canadian Confederation.

International Reggae Day: Celebrated on July 1, International Reggae Day recognizes the global impact of reggae, a musical genre that originated in Jamaica in the 1960s. The date was established in 1994 by Jamaican Andrea Davis, aiming to promote reggae culture and celebrate its contribution to music and world culture.