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A GeRisk Parabeniza todos os Aniversariantes desta Quinta-Feira, 04 de Julho, em Especial a atriz brasileira MARIANA RIOS. LEMBRAMOS também de TRÊS EVENTOS nesta Data. Clique no link, leia e SAIBA MAIS . . .

Today, Tomorrow, Together. Queremos e Podemos Ajudar.

ANIVERSÁRIO é ponto significativo em nossa TRAJETÓRIA, marcando as memórias que acumulamos ao longo da VIDA. Pode simbolizar também o INÍCIO de um NOVO CICLO.

Desejamos que esta NOVA FASE lhe seja plena de CONQUISTAS, ALEGRIAS e Momentos MEMORÁVEIS.

Today, Tomorrow, Together. We Want and Can Help.

BIRTHDAY is a significant point in our JOURNEY, marking the memories we accumulate throughout LIFE. It can also symbolize the BEGINNING of a NEW CYCLE. We wish that this NEW PHASE be full of ACHIEVEMENTS, JOYS, and MEMORABLE Moments.

Birthday Person of the Day: MARIANA RIOS: (07-04-1983) Brazilian actress, host, writer, and singer

Day of the Telemarketing Operator: the date celebrates professionals working in the telemarketing sector, responsible for making sales, providing customer support, and often being the frontline communication for various companies. It is a way to appreciate those who face daily challenges in customer service.

Independence Day of the United States: it is one of the most important holidays in the United States, celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. On this day, the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. In 1776, during the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, the representatives of the American colonies signed the Declaration of Independence, primarily drafted by Thomas Jefferson. This act marked the beginning of a new nation and the struggle against British rule.

Barcode Day in Japan: highlights the importance of this technology in modern commerce and marks its introduction in 1978 in Japan.