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A GeRisk PARABENIZA aos ANIVERSARIANTES deste Sábado, 27 de ABRIL. LEMBRAMOS que Hoje é o Dia da INDEPEDÊNCIA DA ÁFRICA DO SUL (Apartheid) e também o Dia da EMPREGADA DOMÉSTICA. Publicamos também a nossa série SAÚDE e QUALIDADE de VIDA Após os 60 Anos (03). Conheça Mais . . .

Today, Tomorrow, Together. Queremos e Podemos Ajudar.

ANIVERSÁRIO é ponto significativo em nossa TRAJETÓRIA, marcando as memórias que acumulamos ao longo da VIDA. Pode simbolizar também o INÍCIO de um NOVO CICLO.

Desejamos que esta NOVA FASE lhe seja plena de CONQUISTAS, ALEGRIAS e Momentos MEMORÁVEIS.

Today, Tomorrow, Together. We Want and Can Help.

BIRTHDAY is a significant point in our JOURNEY, marking the memories we accumulate throughout LIFE. It can also symbolize the BEGINNING of a NEW CYCLE. We wish that this NEW PHASE be full of ACHIEVEMENTS, JOYS, and MEMORABLE Moments.

Independence Day of South Africa (APARTHEID)

Housekeeper’s Day

Health and Quality of Life After 60 Years: 03

Independence Day of South Africa: This day marks the freedom from Apartheid and the first democratic election in the country, which took place on April 27, 1994 (Freedom Day), and initiated a new era in South African history. Apartheid was an institutionalized system of racial segregation implemented by the government, which was dominated by the White Minority from 1948. For decades, Apartheid oppressed the Black Majority, denying them basic rights, segregating them into Designated Areas (“townships”), and suppressing resistance. The struggle against Apartheid was led by various organizations in the country, including the Congress. Figures like Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, and Walter Sisulu stood out in this fight.

Housekeeper’s Day: A tribute and recognition to individuals who perform domestic duties in households. The date originates from Federal Law 5.859 of 12/11/1972. Domestic work includes tasks such as house cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, caring for children and the elderly, among many others.

Health and Quality of Life After 60 Years: a) Balanced Diet and Adequate Hydration, b) Regular Walking and/or Running, c) Yoga Practice, d) Swimming at least once a week, and also e) Weight Training twice a week greatly help and significantly contribute to “Physical Health”.