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A GeRisk PARABENIZA aos ANIVERSARIANTES desta Terça-Feira, 16 de ABRIL. LEMBRAMOS que Hoje é o DIA MUNDIAL DA VOZ e também o DIA DO LIONS CLUB DO BRASIL . . . Conheça Mais


World Voice Day: celebrated since 2003, aims to draw attention to voice preservation care, staying alert to signs of diseases (laryngeal cancer being a concerning example). National Voice Day was instituted by Law No. 11,704, on 06/18/2008. However, the first celebration in Brazil emerged in 1999. Global prominence came from 2003 onwards, when the date began to be celebrated in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Voice Care: a) a diet rich in fibers and proteins; b) drink plenty of water and engage in physical exercise; c) avoid excessive shouting or speaking in a high pitch; d) speak slowly; e) do not smoke or abuse carbonated beverages; f) get enough sleep; g) eating apples is very good for “cleansing” the vocal cords.

Lions Club of Brazil Day: On 16/04/1952, it arrived in Brazil with the foundation of the club in Rio de Janeiro. The International Association was born in 1917 as the dream of a Chicago businessman who believed that local commercial clubs should expand their concerns beyond professional matters for the well-being of communities and the world as a whole.